choosing an item out of
a printed menu,
is a gamble.
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Our Product

See-Eat is a platform that will give diners an astonishingly smart visual menu
and supply restaurants owners with an amazing data driven marketing tool.


See-Eat detects automatically your location and the restaurant you sit in thanks to Geo-Location.


With SeeEat you can see the entire menu visually.
By diners pictures.


Advanced algorithm that displays personalized menus.


SeeEat is the most objective menu on the planet.
All the pictures and rankings are by the people And for the people.


We all order food textually and not visually, individually and not socially.

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See-Eat Application

Get it on Google Play

Geo Location

Automatically detects the restaurant

Visual Menu

See other dinners photos & order easily

All The Menu

in small photos


Find what you want to eat

Rate Your Dish

and see other diners ratings & reviews

Add a Dish

and make it better for everyone

Our Amazing Team

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Erez Shtain

Founder| CEO

Shahar Hemo

Founder | CMO

Ido Mahat

Designer & UI/UX Expert

Eli Chitrit

Lead Developer

Tomer Chebatero


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